welcome to senegal!

Designed by the Senegalese, and built by North Koreans, Le Monument de la Renaissance Africaine was presented to the country as a gift.  However, for some Senegalese, great  controversy surrounds the statue due to the fact that the woman is perceived as being clothed very seductively in what is predominately an Islamic country.  Having served with a diplomatic status in Senegal, I can attest to the fact that one would never see a Senegalese young lady or woman dressed in this fashion! 


The man is positioned above the woman, signifying the head of the family, and the baby is held above both the man and the woman, signifying the future.  The statue is believed to be slightly taller than the Statue of Liberty standing in the harbor of New York City, located in the United States. 


Senegal is a beautiful and rich country with the city of Dakar as its capitol.  It is filled with music, food, and fashion from around the globe.  If one is seeking the latest fashion from France, Senegal is almost certain to have it, as it was originally colonized by the French.