welcome to romania!

The clock on the left is located in Unirii Square, in Bucharest, Romania.  It stands in the city center, where the five sectors meet. It is the common area where people go to shop at the market, the mall, and it is a park in the spring time.  The clock is perfectly aligned with the Parliament. 

Did You Know: That Romania is known to have one of the fastest internet services at 2 Gigabytes? It has been said that even if you are in the middle of two mountains, you can get internet service.  Also, Romanians are known for their willingness to do business with just about anyone. So, if you are considering starting a new professional venture, Romania just might be the place for you – GOOD BUSINESS!

The Romanian Palace of The Parliament is the second largest administrative building in the world, under the U.S. Pentagon.   The Parliament is the most expensive building in the world, running at 3.6 Billion Euros.  Also, it is the heaviest building in the world being used for civilian purposes. The locals have given the Parliament the nick name of " Iceberg." It was given this name because, what you see on the top, pales in comparison to it's structural size  that lies beneath!  The locals likens it to the iceberg that sunk the Titanic, because while it may not have looked as large on top, it was strong enough on the bottom to split an entire ship. 

Romanians are fantastic cooks! They are known for their salad, which although looks like potato salad, is not to be confused with the American potato salad. During our Romanian presentation at the Intercultural School of Etiquette’s Culture with Class, clients that attended enjoyed the many flavors presented by this wonderful country. We enjoyed soups, homemade breads and sausages, music, dancing and much more.  Most cuisines in Romania are consumed with wine. Surprisingly, Romania is the home of over 2,000 wines, so choices are everything but few!

Romanians are masters at baking breads and other desserts, without a bread machine. These breads and desserts are known to be both sweet and savory. In addition to perfecting their own desserts, they are also masters at baking the desserts of other countries as well.