Qualifications summary:  A professional speaker and facilitator, ESL tutor, Protocol Instructor, Corporate and Cultural Etiquette Trainer, Multi-Cultural Events Planner and Coordinator, with more than a decade of experience working with government and military officials, private sector members, and youth in the United States and abroad. Experience in designing training materials and curriculum; planning and marketing large and small events, and working in multi-cultural settings, and in stressful situations.  Excellent oral and written communication skills, and able to effectively collaborate, lead, and work to deadlines and within budget. Certifications in etiquette and protocol, as well as in advocating for victims of sexual assault and mentoring. Founder and CEO of the Intercultural School of Etiquette. Professional experience complemented by education and certification. Globally connected and vastly resourceful.




B.A., Interdisciplinary Studies, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA (Course Work).

A.A., Psychology, Pensacola Junior College, Pensacola, FL, 2002




English (native); French (Basic); Japanese (Basic) Access to most languages!




United States, Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and Central America




University of Virginia McIntyre School of Commerce & The Office of African American Affairs                                     

Charlottesville, Virginia                                                                                                                                                     January 2017& January 2018

Provided Corporate and Cultural Etiquette Classes for the McIntyre School of Commerce and students of the University of Virginia’s Office of African American Affairs.  Students were trained in the proper protocols of Networking, Business Card Etiquette (Presenting and Receiving), Seating Arrangements, Dining, Introductions, Handshakes, Proper dress and Cultural Engagement

Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce Ambassador                                                                                                                     November 2016
Virginia Beach, Virginia

Responsible for representing the Chamber at various high-profile functions and events.  Entrusted with the encouragement of new membership from small businesses. 

Women in Defense (WIDGHR), Greater Hampton Roads Chapter                                                                                                  September 2016

Invited as a seminar speaker to provide Corporate and Cultural Etiquette training.  Training included corporate etiquette skills, corporate dining, the seven categories of professional attire, networking and the rules of engagement, introductions, rules of rsvp and keys to cultural inclusion. 

Etiquette Training, Virginia Commonwealth University                                                                                                                                 May 2016

Provided social and corporate etiquette training for the VCU Athletic Department’s Men’s Baseball Team. Students were trained in proper address, handshakes, social dining skills, host/hostess gifts, thank you notes, rules of RSVP and self-presentation.

Virginia Wesleyan College                                                                                                                                              November 2015 & April 2016
Virginia Beach, VA

Provided Social, Corporate and Cultural Etiquette Training for senior level business major students at the Virginia Wesleyan College.  Students were highly trained in the Art of Effective Networking, Greetings, Handshakes, Thank-You Notes, Introductions and Proper Address, Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication Skills, and Basic Cultural Awareness Training. All sessions were simultaneously accompanied by a Social and Corporate dining practicum. 

ESL Tutor, NATO Family and Department of Defense (Italy, Greece and Portugal)                                                                       September 2015
Virginia Beach, VA

Provided educational assistance in the subjects of reading, writing, language arts and conversational English, for youth and adult clients that speak English as a second language.  Educational training is provided to clientele ranging from 3rd grade to adulthood. Designed curriculum to meet the needs of clients from various personal and professional arenas.


Corporate Etiquette Training Seminar, Old Dominion University;
KAPPA ALPHA ORDER (DELTA GAMMA Chapter)    Norfolk, VA                                                                                                     November 2015

Invited to provide a mini corporate etiquette seminar for a prestigious fraternity chapter associated with the Old Dominion University.  Chapter members were provided etiquette guidance on professional attire, self-presentation, handshakes, networking and proper address.  Invited to return and provide more extensive training in January 2016.


Cultural and Corporate Etiquette Training Seminar, Virginia Wesleyan College                                                                             November 2015

Keynote speaker and facilitator; provided Cultural and Corporate Etiquette Training to graduating students;
Students were professionally trained in the 4 areas of protocol, social, corporate and cultural dining, Self-Presentation, Keys to Effective Networking, Proper Introductions, Handshakes and more. Invited to return and provide another etiquette training seminars in the spring of 2016.

NAS Oceana Youth Program      
NAS Oceana Naval Base, Virginia Beach, VA:                                                                                                                                           August 2015

Provided social etiquette training seminar for youth participating at the NAS Oceana Youth Center.  Training encompassed the basics of social dining, the two major dining styles, silverware reading, silent service, handshakes and introductions, professional attire, effective networking skills, and thank you notes.  Program ended with a special luncheon, several senior officials attended.

ESL Tutor, NATO Family (Portugal)
Virginia Beach, VA:                                                                                                                                                                       February  2014 – 2016

Provided educational assistance in the subjects of reading, writing and language arts. Successfully increased the grading scores of my second-grade student from the level of preschool to third grade within 8 months.  


Asst.  Debate Coach and Tidewater Debate League Judge, Landstown High School
Virginia Beach, VA:                                                                                                                                                                       February  2014 – 2016

Assisted in the training and preparation in rhetoric, argumentation and debate, and self-presentation skills, for students to compete locally, regionally and for the state debate championship.  Successfully lead the debate team to the 3rd and 4th place state championships.


Special Event Planner and Fundraising Chair, the Sister Cities Association of Virginia Beach
Virginia Beach, VA:                                                                                                                                                                     June 2014 – June 2014


Responsible for branding the association through innovative video production; planning diverse cultural events that provide educational awareness and funding for future youth involvement, and city-wide programs; Responsible for planning and executing the multi-cultural educational event, L’art Internationale, The International Parade of World Fashion and Art, displaying the unique cultures of the five sister cities: Japan, Norway, Philippines, Ireland and the friendship city Nicaragua.  Created branding video to display the accomplishments, needs and upcoming tasks of the organization, to encourage more community involvement.  (volunteer)

Cultural Protocol Trainer/Facilitator; Portugal, Japan and Pakistan; the Intercultural School of Etiquette, Culture and Class,

Virginia Beach, VA:                                                                                                                                                                October 2014 – May 2016

Designed the first Culture with Class networking program in the Hampton Roads area, to provide educational awareness and training in global business etiquette, cultural norms and laws, and basic language skills. 


Global Protocol and Cultural Trainer; Senegal, France, Japan and Lebanon; Landstown High School,
Virginia Beach, VA:                                                                                                                                                                                2013– June 2016

Designed and delivered a creative cultural training seminar using power point presentation, cultural food, translation games and music, to create an immersion effect for the French Honor Society students. Students also received training in religious practices, dining etiquette and appropriate attire. (Volunteer)

Founder, CEO and Lead Trainer, Intercultural School of Etiquette                                                                                            June 2007 - Present                     
Founded and CEO of an organization that provides training in etiquette and protocol to public schools, government and military officials, private sector members, and youth.  These have included:

  • Protocol Trainer and Advisor; Commanding Officer’s Spouse; VQ-4 TACAMO; Oklahoma, City, OK: 2007 – Present: Designed and delivered training on military, diplomatic and corporate etiquette and protocol.  Training included sessions on dining etiquette; seating; venue selection and décor; public outreach; liaising with the media; speech writing and presentation; communication; greetings and introductions; appropriate attire; networking; and life skills (paid trainer)

  • Birdneck Elementary School and Corporate Landing Middle School; Virginia Beach, VA: 2012 – 2013:  Provided etiquette and protocol training to students. Courses included appropriate dress, social dining skills, greeting and introduction protocol, diversity, communication, networking, and life skills. (paid training)

  • The Junior Ambassador Teen Leadership Program; Dakar, Senegal:  2009 - 2011: Designed and implemented a youth training program for 24 elite teens participating from 12 different countries within various diplomatic, military, and international donor communities.  The youth were expertly trained in the four disciplines of protocol; special events planning; logistics coordination; public speaking; appropriate attire; dining etiquette; introductions and greetings; cultural sensitivity; and political awareness.  (paid training)

  • Etiquette Training and Professional Development; Dakar, Senegal: 2009 – 2011:  Provided etiquette training to Senior U.S., UN and Senegalese military spouses.  This included training on diplomatic event planning, venue selection and décor, seating, event communication, protocol, design and production of ceremonial decorations and branding (flags, seating cards, pens, folders, tote bags, pins, etc.). (volunteer appointment)


Consultancies, Speaking Engagements, and Other                                                                                                                             2002 – present

Provide technical expertise and training in etiquette, protocol, events planning and implementation, diversity, communication, and life skills.  Illustrative consultancies include:

  • Presenter; Political Protocol and Diversity; Richmond, VA: 2013 – 2014:  Invited to present at forums throughout the state of Virginia on corporate and diplomatic protocol, with cultural diversity and inclusion. This included training on venue selection, event planning, greeting and introduction protocol, strategic seating, branding, and media management,
    (invited speaker/trainer)

  • Trainer, The Salvation Army; Virginia Beach, VA: 2012 – 2014:  Provided protocol and professional development training to Salvation Army staff members to strengthen professional skills and work habits. This included business etiquette training, networking, communication, attire, self- presentation.  (volunteer trainer)

  • Trainer, Landstown High School; Virginia Beach, VA:  2012 – 2013:  Designed and delivered protocol training to ROTC cadets including dining etiquette, professional networking, formal introductions and greetings, self- presentation, and life skills (volunteer trainer)

  • Presenter; Old Dominion University; Norfolk, VA: 2013:  Designed and delivered protocol and etiquette training at ODU’s annual Girls’ Conference, including table settings, silent service, the basic rules of rsvp, introductions, hostess gifts and thank you notes.  (invited speaker/trainer)

  • Trainer; TACRON 21 Family Readiness Group (FRG); Virginia Beach, VA: 2012 – 2013: Provided etiquette training to Active Duty Officers, Enlisted Service Members and spouses.  This included protocol and etiquette training for social and diplomatic events such as military dining outs, swearing-in ceremonies, retirement ceremonies, and internal and external outreach programs.  Training included introduction and greetings; appropriate attire; rules of rsvp CONUS and OCONUS, seating (charts and cards); venue selection; gift giving and receiving; ceremonial décor and branding and public speaking. (invited trainer)

  • Presenter, Virginia Beach Public Libraries (TAG): Virginia Beach, VA: 2012: Designed and delivered business etiquette training to a select group of student leaders chosen by the Virginia Beach Public Libraries.  The presentation included networking, communication, attire, introductions and communication and public speaking. (invited speaker)

  • Presenter; The Virginia Association for Marketing Educators (VAME): 2012: Virginia Beach, VA:  Led presentation on “The Power of Effective Networking” to a diverse group of marketing educators representing cities throughout the commonwealth of Virginia.  This including business etiquette, appropriate attire, dining etiquette, and professional networking tips.  (invited speaker)

  • Presenter; The American Chamber of Commerce; Dakar, Senegal: 2010: Led presentation on corporate etiquette to prominent local business owners, senior military leaders and members of the U.S. Embassy.  Highlights included formal introductions and greetings, professional attire, key components of networking, and public speaking. (invited speaker)

  • Event Coordinator; Vital Voices Global Partnerships Conference; Dakar, Senegal:  2011: Negotiated contracts for lodging, transportation, special dinners, translation, and cultural activities with locally based vendors for the Vital Voices Global Partnership’s African Women’s Entrepreneurs Program (AWEP).  Liaised as logistics coordinator with U.S. Embassy Personnel and provided protocol instruction to facilitators and participants that represented over 20 African countries. Managed all aspects of event, including budgeting; developing scopes of work for local hires; selection of venue, menus and identifying key recipients for invitation; décor; seating chart; media liaison; protocol and etiquette training of local support staff; design and production of event branding (posters, pens, folders, brochures); identification of security needs; and ensuring payment of per diem to participants (paid consultancy)

  • Events Planner; U.S. Embassy, Dakar, Senegal: 2009 – 2011: Organized, coordinated and managed special and official events (including largest annual event, the Fourth of July celebration) for U.S. Embassy. Arranged and led walk-thru(s); identified venues; set menus and décor; established seating charts; identified ensured protocols were upheld during guest arrivals and seating; managed selection of event branding items (totes, key fobs, USB keys, decorative flags, t-shirts, etc.). Supervised movements of principals as well as support staff, flow of event, security issues, and room set up. Event required sensitive protocol practices concerning food and beverage selections, as well as other cultural demands. Senegal is a predominately Islamic culture. Event attended by over 1,000 diplomats, dignitaries and special guests. (appointed events planner)

  • Event Planner, USAID/Programme d’Appui à l’Education Moyen (PAEM) and the Ministry of Education: Dakar, Senegal: 2010: Responsible for planning, organizing and managing the official closing ceremony of a USAID-funded project, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.  This included selection of venue and menu; décor; seating chart; media outreach; protocol and etiquette training of local support staff; room set-up.  This event was attended by more than 250 participants from the education community, including international donors, government officials, and local school representatives and students.  (paid event planner)

  • Facilitator; NAVY COMPASS, Yokosuka, Japan: 2002 – 2004: Served as a presenter and facilitator for the U.S. Navy Family Line, COMPASS MENTOR Training program. Training comprised diplomatic and business etiquette and protocol sessions, including venue and menu selection; décor design; and event branding (volunteer)



“She is well organized and engenders great respect and dedication from her charges.” 

- Peter J. Spivey, Chief Operations Officer, Cliff Gold, Pic.

 “Through your program, I learned, improved my personal, social and intercultural skills, as I continue my life in the diplomatic arena, I do so more confidently.”   - Christine Ayuk - Takor, UN Director’s Spouse


 “Her results are goal oriented and her methods are strategic and graceful. Her way of supervising men and women who do not speak English is simple, direct and always patient.” - Matthew Dever, Cultural Affairs Officer, American Embassy, Dakar, Senegal

“Paullette Reed is a woman of strong character and determination; whose love of people and culture infuses her every effort.” 

                                                                                     - Marcia S. Bernicat, Ambassador of the United States to Dhaka Bangladesh



 REFERENCES Provided upon request/ See LINKEDin Profile