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What's On Your Resume?

Global business and trading is one of the fastest growing professional entities in the United States and abroad. According to the World Trade Organization (WTO) in a recent 2016 report, merchandise trading has increased from eight trillion to eleven trillion from 2006 to 2016 (World Trade Organization, Trends in World Trade 2017). It is now a highly respected hypothesis that cultural education and training, empowers the employee or representative conducting global business. Therefore, a new key factor that is believed to contribute in the rise of global success, is the increasing value and appreciation for both language and cultural education. Federal Agencies and Corporations are investing the time, funding and resources required, to assist with the education of language, diversity and training in corporate attire.

Despite the vast number of students in the United States today, learning new languages as early as the middle and high school years, statistics still show that the average European teen is far more fluent in the reading, writing and speaking in at least five languages. Also, by college age, the average European student is far more advanced in the ability to navigate through the cultural and professional norms of other countries, than average American. The research presentation of Power, Presence and Style, is an interactive presentation, that is designed to inform participants of global protocols, that will encourage strong personal and professional cultural connections. Also, it is the goal of this presentation to provide prevalent information on few key diversity tips, to ensure the least amount of faux pas during cultural and professional interactions.

Finally, the presentation is to inform the audience of the expected dress codes, that will support a respectful and/or professional image in any occasion.

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