W.O.K.E.  (Worldwide Open Knowledge Exchange)

Never Allow Fear to Stand in Judgement of Your Success!

My approach in creating my COMM ePortfolio was simple; I maintained communication with Professor Lietzenmayer. I reached out via email and skype, with any questions that I had, and I followed the directions that was provided on the PLE. My feelings could be summed up in one word - FEAR! Yet, holding to a determination to complete my assignment, encouraged me to not give up and a it provided me with a sense of pride when I was able to place the very first item on my page. Once I began understanding the process, I felt my level of confidence rise. When I was faced with the uncertainty of a task, I sought the assistance provided by the website. Finally, each time that I had to seek help, I merely searched my question and found my answer from the program. Eventually, I found it easier to navigate my way through and figure many things out.

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