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Mind Candy Discussion: Confederate Statues

The Confederate Statues.... Should they stay or should they go?

In 1869, Robert E. Lee was asked his thoughts regarding the placement of statues in Gettysburg, and he replied with the following:

" I think it wiser... not to keep open the sores of war but to follow the examples of those nations who endeavored to obliterate the marks of civil strife, to commit to oblivion the feelings engendered." - Robert E. Lee. Source: (The Republican Vindicater, 1869). https://civilwartalk.com/threads/robert-e-lee-authored-letter-monument.137890/

General Lee then went on to state a thought that aligns itself more to what I personally believe and it is the following: " a nation that does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know where it is today." - Robert E. Lee.

I personally do not believe that we should remove all of the statues, but instead, each state should grant more information to the reader with a clear disclaimer that it does not agree or align itself with the philosophy or beliefs that are associated these statues, especially in regards to the dignity of human life and slavery.

I believe that history is just that, HISTORY! We cannot erase it, nor should we desire to do so. For to erase history opens the door to a generation that is likely to repeat it. Please remember that Mind Candy is an open forum for individuals who are sophisticated enough to agree or disagree with respect. Mind Candy stands firmly on the foundation that reasonable minds know how to differ reasonably! I am interested in your thoughts, so let's engage and give us some of your Mind Candy... Let's talk!

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