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My life is very balanced. In my Introduction to Interdisciplinary Studies, (IDS), we were asked to make a list of goals and explain them. One of my goals was time management. This is my first time taking several online courses, and while it has, at times, been somewhat uncomfortable due to my lack of technological savvy, still, I know that one of the keys to my success is time management and balance. I am a mother of four children and my husband is gone frequently. I have three jobs and I am still expected to come home and prepare the meals for my family. I generally do most of my reading on the weekends, I try to complete my assignments at the same time. It is important that I not only remain balanced, but carefully balanced. Therefore, I try to eat healthy meals, engage in low impact exercises, and most importantly, begin my mornings with prayer and dedication to God. Then, I get up with the mindset to do my best in everything that I commit myself to. Failure is not an option! I spent most of my years, 25 to be exact, supporting my husband and his career as a military officer, so now, it is my turn to live and grow. At the end of the day, my conviction is simple - I owe it to myself to give myself the same level of support, as I have my given my husband and my children, and to achieve this, I must have BALANCE.

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