The  2018  Office of African American Affairs and UVA McIntyre School of Commerce Etiquette Dinner.

ISE Director, Paullette Diaz-Reed with Under-Secretary Judy McHale (to the right) and U.S. Secretary Marcia Bernicat, (presently the U.S. Ambassador to Bangladesh)

Junior Ambassador Teen Leadership Program being affirmed by U.S. Ambassador Marcia Bernicat (on the left), and the Malaysian Ambassador Senegal (in the Red Gown).

Junior Ambassadors and ISE Director Paullette Diaz-Reed taking an official picture with Former U.S. Secretary Judy McHale.

ISE Director Paullette Diaz-Reed with Former U.S. Secretary Linda Green, and Ambassador Marcia Bernicat,

(Presently the Ambassador to Bangladesh)

ISE Director Paullette Diaz-Reed providing social and corporate etiquette training for TACRON 21, on JEB Little Creek Base (2013)

ISE Director Paullette Diaz-Reed providing social

and corporate etiquette training for the

VCU girl's volleyball team.