​Facts about Italy and “Pizza” : When enjoying pizza in Italy, one should always use a knife and fork.  It is often seen as improper to use your hands to hold the pizza while dining! Finally, enjoy your wonderful wine, cuisine and good company, but remember, your meal ends at the table, there are no ” take home boxes or doggie bags”, when leaving a restaurant in Italy.

Also, if you are a consumer seeking an authentic Italian cheese, look carefully for a signature brand that is located directly on the cheese.  In Italy, cheeses are stored in large round pieces, when they are sold  and arrive in the United States, they are cut into slices  and sold, even so, often times, one can still see the country’s brand on the back end of the sliced cheese.  Remember, for every dish, there is a wonderful wine to accompany it. Come to the Intercultural School of Etiquette and learn more about authentic Italian cuisines  as you enjoy this beautiful culture with class….


welcome to italy!

Facts About Wine and Cheese in Italy: To select a truly authentic wine that has been imported from Italy to the United States, one should look for the ”Country’s Port Seal” that is located directly on the neck of the bottle and sometimes over the head of the bottle.

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