The Intercultural School of Etiquette

You want to see and experience the world in a new and meaningful way.

You're ready to start the journey, but every adventurer needs a guide. We're here to help teach, equip, and empower you with corporate and cultural skills as you discover the world.


Our specialties include Social, Corporate, and Cultural etiquette. We strongly believe in embracing diversity and teaching appreciation, and we coach from an empathetic and culturally sensitive perspective.

Our students connect with us to:


1. Grow in their understanding of the world and other cultural norms.

2. Learn how to do business with the least amount of cultural faux pas, whether within the United States or Abroad.

3. Experience the magic of another culture without the expense of a plane fare.




Paullette Diaz-Reed is a Belizean-American who has served as a military spouse for 20 years. She holds two certifications in protocol training, and has successfully worked closely with prominent entities such as the United States Navy, the American and Foreign Embassies in Dakar, Collegiate Leadership, U.S. Naval War College, and the Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF).  Ms. Diaz-Reed has been privileged to support her spouse and his command in various countries, both professionally and socially.

Ms. Diaz-Reed has enjoyed her time in Yokosuka, Japan; Hong Kong; Perth, Australia; Guam; France; Stuttgart, Germany; Austria, Bissau, Guinea Bissau; and Dakar, Senegal.  


Since arriving in Virginia Beach, Paullette Diaz-Reed has been a very active member within her community. Ms. Diaz-Reed has served in numerous leadership positions, including Special Event Planner and Fundraising Chair, on the Board of Directors, for the Virginia Beach Chapter of the Sister Cities Association.   As a member, Ms. Diaz-Reed skillfully used her global expertise to plan a multi-cultural event, entitled L’art Internationale, to further educate the city on the subject of diversity and international relations through culture, art, music and fashion.


In addition to her former volunteer position with Sister Cities, Ms. Diaz-Reed has served as the assistant debate coach for Landstown High School, and a judge with the Tidewater Debate League for Congress, Public Forum and Lincoln Douglas.  Ms. Diaz-Reed has also served several times as a keynote speaker for Foreign Language Studies, and provided quality social, corporate, and cultural etiquette training for esteemed universities such as Virginia Wesleyan College and Virginia Commonwealth University.  Her joy for teaching has also afforded her the opportunity of an audience at various prestigious city wide events, to include;

  • The African American Male Summit

  • Old Dominion University’s Conference for Girls and Young Women

  • Virginia Association for Marketing Educators

  • Women in Defense, National Security Organization Greater Hampton Roads Chapter, Professional Development Day


Paullette has served as an Ambassador for the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce and professional development educator for several prestigious engagements throughout the Hampton Roads area. 

Today, Ms. Paullette Diaz- Reed  takes great pride in helping other entrepreneurs reach their full potential through her professional services.  Ms. Diaz- Reed is presently the owner and operator of the Intercultural School of Etiquette, a unique educational institution that is designed to provide professional development and etiquette training in the four disciplines of protocol.


In an effort to globalize her community, she provides a special service which she entitles Culture with Class, designed to provide hands on cultural training through a plethora of educational tools.  During the months of January through June, the Intercultural School of Etiquette offers a unique networking opportunity by presenting a new country each month. Authentic cultural cuisines, music, art and language, are gracefully introduced and shared to encourage educational exchange among global minded professionals.  She continues to work closely with NATO families from Portugal, Greece, Italy and France, as an ESL tutor and friend.

Overall, Ms. Diaz-Reed has dedicated her life to cultural education and training in order to produce a globally minded professionals throughout her community and abroad.